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NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation

NEBOSH and the British Health and Safety Executive worked together to establish this specialized certification (HSE). Inspectors from the HSE have found that incident investigations are often very substandard. Therefore, the partnership combines the HSE’s slashing technological know with NEBOSH’s competence to provide solid vocational certifications.

The qualification is aimed at managers, supervisors, SHE Champions, union representatives and aspiring health and safety practitioners. On completion of the qualification, candidates will be able to:

carry out a solo accident investigation for non-complex accidents and incidents including:

  1. accumulation of evidence
  2. evaluation of such evidence

produce an action plan; and contribute to team incident investigations for large-scale incidents.


Everyone who needs to conduct incident investigations successfully needs this certification. Benefits will accrue to employers, managers, SHE champions, union representatives, and safety regulators. Attending the course will enable you to:

  1. independently investigate into simple situations
  2. assemble evidence, especially through interviewing with witness.
  3. Create a plan of action to prevent an incident from occurring repeatedly.
  4. Participate in team investigations of major incidents
  5. significantly improve your organization’s safety culture
Employers’ benefits

NEBOSH has collaborated on the development of this specialist qualification with the British health and safety regulator, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). HSE inspectors have noted that incident investigations were generally very poor. The collaboration, therefore, combines the advanced technical expertise of the HSE with NEBOSH’s ability to deliver strong vocational qualifications. Therefore, your employer will benefit from having an ‘in-house’ trained incident investigator who can carry out good quality incident investigations. Your employer will also benefit from learning lessons from incident investigations. Once the root cause(s) of an incident have been identified and additional control measures put into place to deal with these causes, then there should be no recurrence of the same type of incident. In the longer term, this will save your employer money.

Employers’ benefits

NEBOSH and the British health and safety authority, the Health and Safety Executive, worked together to produce this specialty certificate (HSE). Inspectors from the HSE have found that incident investigations are often very substandard. Therefore, the partnership combines the HSE’s slashing technological know with NEBOSH’s competence to provide solid vocational certifications. Therefore, having a professional incident investigator on staff who can conduct thorough investigations will be advantageous to your organization. Lessons from incident investigations will also be useful to your employer. There shouldn’t be another event of the same kind after the major root – cause) of it have been found and extra control measures have been implemented to address them. This will save money over the long term.


After earning this certificate, you’ll have the knowledge and abilities needed to conduct an independent investigation of a straightforward incident. The four steps to a successful incident investigation are covered in the qualification. Your ability to pinpoint the immediate, underlying, and core causes of incidents will be part of this.

Interviewing witnesses is a valuable skill for an incident investigator. As a result, the qualification introduces you to the PEACE interviewing approach. As part of your final evaluation, you will be able to apply the PEACE method after you have learned about it to three incident interviews.

Your enhanced knowledge, comprehension, and abilities will also enable you to participate in team investigations of more significant situations.


This certification is scheduled to be administered over the course of a single day (depending on the mode of study). Before your course starts, you must complete three hours of pre-course reading. Here are some recommendations for this pre-course reading:

  • reading and understanding the requirements of your organisation’s incident investigation policy;
  • reviewing a sample of your organisation’s previous incident investigation reports to find what lessons have been learnt; and
  • reviewing some of the incident investigation case studies from the HSE’s website that may be relevant to your organisation (www.hse.gov.uk/slips/casestudies.htm).

Your Learning Partner will provide you with further guidance.


Our Tutors use the Virtual platform to support students around the world. Our messaging system and support forums are an excellent way to engage, where our tutors can provide expert support.

After successful completion of this IPD process student will then be eligible for Chartered membership of IOSH (CMIOSH).

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