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IOSH Certifications

International recognized Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Training and Professional Certifications
Course Overview

IOSH is popular because of its short-term courses that it gives to all participants, as less time and money is invested in this course every industry prefer such courses need to be taken in their organisation.

  1. Module -1: Introducing managing safely
  2. Module-2: Assessing risks.
  3. Module -3: Controlling risks.
  4. Module -4: Understanding responsibilities.
  5. Module -5: Understanding hazards.
  6. Module -6: Investigating incidents.
  7. Module -7: Measuring performance. 
Who Should Attend
  1. IOSH Managing Safely is an ideal course for any individual in a supervisory or management position to understand why and how to manage safety within their organization effectively.
  2. IOSH Managing Safely takes participants through the essential steps in effective health and safety management, from identifying and assessing risks and developing control methodologies, to understanding personal and corporate responsibilities.
  3. The course also includes vital information on the importance of incident investigations and how to conduct an investigation, to identify the root causes of incidents to reduce the risk of repeating similar incidents.
  4. IOSH Managing Safety provides critical information on how to set leading and positive performance goals and track success against these to drive positive health and safety culture within organizations.
Course Methodology

The course includes relevant videos and written course material. Delivery of the course involves significant amounts of group discussion and small group work, with participants expected to feed back their assessments to the wider group for discussion.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  1. Implement risk assessment methods to identify and rank health and safety risks within their business
  2. Develop controls to reduce or mitigate these risks to minimize business exposure
  3. Understand both personal and corporate responsibilities relating to health and safety
  4. Have an understanding of how to investigate incidents to reduce the likelihood of reoccurrence.
  5. Develop methods of measuring performance against health and safety targets.
Target Audience
  1. IOSH Managing Safely is designed for managers and supervisors in any sector, and any organization worldwide. The course provides the knowledge, skills and tools to tackle the safety and health issues that they’re responsible for.
  2. Importantly, Managing Safely makes a powerful case for safety and health being an integral part of day-to-day management and business.
Target Competencies
  1. Hazard identification
  2. Risk assessment and risk ranking
  3. Health and safety critical control selection and implementation
  4. Incident investigation tools
  5. Performance measurement

Successful participants are awarded an IOSH Managing Safely certificate.