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New Syllabus Module for NEBOSH IGC Course 2024

IG1 – Management of Health and Safety

Explore the core principles of health and safety management. Learn to develop effective policies, foster leadership for a positive safety culture, and enhance communication strategies within your organization.

IG2 – Risk Assessment

Dive into practical risk assessment skills. Understand how to identify and control workplace hazards. Gain hands-on experience in assessing risks and implementing measures for a safer work environment.

Nebosh IGC New syllabus

NEBOSH IGC Entry Criteria:

No Formal Qualifications Required:

NEBOSH IGC is often open to individuals with no formal educational qualifications. It is designed to be accessible to a wide range of learners.

Language Proficiency:

Since the course is conducted in English, a reasonable proficiency in English is usually recommended to understand the course materials and assessments.

Suitable for Various Roles:

The NEBOSH IGC is suitable for individuals in various roles, including managers, supervisors, and workers, making it inclusive for professionals at different levels within an organization.

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Discover NEBOSH IGC Updates 2022

Nebosh IGC Mode of Study

Assessment Specifications Of NEBOSH IGC Course

This qualification combines exercise, learning and interactive materials to give you with an interesting learning and engaging training experience. It focuses on crucial skills, which means you can instantly implement the knowledge you gain and add value to your organisation. The Assessment is a two- measure process

IG1- An open book examination( OBE). The examination duration is 4 hours. This is scenario- based and will include a closing interview, the learners will be asked problems about their submission.

IG2- A practical risk assessment is conducted to assess what you can do. The assessment duration is 3 hours. The learners will finish a risk assessment and develop an action plan for their workplace, which is instantly useful and valuable.

Benefits Of NEBOSH IGC

Global Recognition: Nebosh IGC is globally recognized, enhancing your credibility and employability worldwide.

Improved Safety Culture: Gain essential knowledge and skills to create a safer work environment, reducing accidents and promoting a culture of safety.

Legal Compliance: Stay informed about health and safety regulations, ensuring your organization meets legal requirements and avoids penalties.

Career Advancement: Nebosh IGC certification opens doors to higher-level positions and career advancement opportunities in health and safety management. Read more…

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